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Vintage Tata Steel Factory

Welcome to People's History Club Jamshedpur

We are a group of history enthusiasts dedicated to rediscovering the rich and fascinating history of the Steel City. Join us as we explore the past and uncover forgotten stories of our city.

Kalimati Junction (Old Tatanagar Railway Station)


Tata Steel Workers


"Our Jamshedpur - the steel city that we love and adore- is over a hundred years old. Being one of the first industrial towns of India, it hides within itself numerous stories of romance and revolution, tales of disaster and tales of bravery.

These stories have often not been documented well enough or are not accessible enough. These stories aren't nearly as well known as they should be. The stories of the freedom struggle in Jamshedpur, our forgotten martyrs, artists, art groups and their art - so much has been lost in the sands of time. ​


The Jamshedpur chapter of the People's History Club seeks to dig out these stories and present them to you - the people."


It's a long journey and we hope that

you will stay with us through it.

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